Photo by Michael Testa
Max Hoskins
Dialogue/ADR Supervisor
Max Hoskins has been working in Film and Television for nearly 30 years covering all aspects of sound post production. As founder of ReelSound, Pinewood Studios his career has covered many high level national and international Feature films and TV productions.
Photo by Michael Testa
Milos Stojanovic
ADR Engineer
Milos has been working in sound post-production since 2008. both as an ADR Engineer and Sound Editor for Film and Television. During his career he has worked on numerous productions from major feature films and high-end TV drama's to corporate products all involving UK and International clients.

As professional Sound Editors with nearly 40 years of combined experience we know how important dialogue sound is. Simply put without a clean dialogue track there is little room for a big score and lush sound effects.

Over the years we have noticed an increasing demand for good ADR which can sometimes prove difficult to achieve. Along with additional costs involved in organising and transporting actors to recording studios and schedules becoming ever tighter we have after much careful planning, designed and developed an advanced portable system that can be easily set up and used on location.

Since 2011 the YURT has been helping productions re-capture on-screen performances with great ease and efficiency and most importantly: the actors love it!

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