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"Yurt® Mobile ADR" system has been developed to help ease the pressure on your post schedule and costs while achieving great results.

Already used by numerous Film and Television production companies, our system has proven to be a very successful cost effective alternative to conventional studio recording and a great benefit in coordinating actor's time when filming away on location.

Using our own patented acoustic tent and an advanced system of text on screen with cueing graphics we are able to record in many varied and often difficult environments with excellent results.

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Our Clients Say

"Our biggest challenge during post production on A.D.was that our actors were still shooting in Morocco while we were editing in London so getting them to ADR in a studio was impossible.

Our answer was YURT ADR. They flew to our location in the Moroccan desert with their portable ADR studio so we could record on site. Their set up, professionalism and portability meant we could achieve great results very quickly. The actors and I loved it!"

Tony Mitchell
Director "A.D. The Bible Continues"

"Having the YURT come to my home was a dream. Not only did it save me the hassle of using 3 modes of transport travelling to London and back but I found using it was so simple."

Martin Shaw

"The best matching ADR I've ever had! It just fitted perfectly into my original tracks."

Wayne Brooks
Dialogue Editor

"Recording ADR on-set while you're still filming means we were able to more readily reproduce an accurate result with the nuances of an actor's original performance. I'd thoroughly recommend the YURT and will definitely want to use it again in the future. It sped up our post-production process hugely!"

Simon Lewis
Exec. Producer, BBC
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